International Women's Day is just a few days away on March 8th. On the official website, there is a call to action to increase financial independence of women, for there to be more women in science, engineering, and technology fields, more women in senior leadership roles, increased growth for women owned businesses, fairer recognition for women in sport, and equal recognition for women in the arts. Yea... that's a pretty long to-do list. However, not one of them is an unachievable goal. It all starts with having a voice, no matter how big or small (cue Dr. Seuss reference). Once women have a voice, they are able to effectuate change. Want to see more trees in your neighborhood? Join the local civil association. Want to see political change? Campaign for a politician who stands up for your values, or better yet RUN! Want that position? Hustle for it! 

Much like every other "month" or "day" that isn't a national holiday, there is some eye-rolling that comes along with it. Why not focus on these issues everyday? Great! It got you to think that we should be dealing with these issues everyday, now live up to it and go make some change! Personally, I think it's great that we have a day to think about how far women have come in the last century but also to reflect on just how far we have to go. 

In honor of International Women's Day, I'll be posting some features on some inspiring women, worthwhile organizations to get involved with, and even my first give away! Stay tuned!


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