Change of Pace

This past January I made a New  Year's Resolution to "do more." To get active, get healthy, and take care of the one body I have. I have never been athletic. In fact, most people wouldn't think to even describe me as coordinated. Making fitness a priority has been a long time coming. Setting specific goals to work out "x" number of times per week just hasn't worked for me in the past. I felt set up to fail. So this year, I changed the way I would attack my goal. Lo and behold... it worked! I have eaten a MILLION times better and have hit the gym several times a week since January.

I decided to create this blog as another form of motivation for my ever-changing lifestyle. I plan to feature different fitness classes and healthy food choices around Philadelphia. I have also made the switch to being vegetarian for reasons which I feel no interest proselytizing. The most important part of that switch is that I'm cooking at home much more. I'm not a professional chef and I figure most of you aren't either. I'm a law student with a small, city kitchen and a smaller budget. I think more of you can relate to that.

I have an amazing boyfriend who has much more culinary prowess and fitness ability than I. He will be contributing to Fit Food Philly as well to give a manly perspective to many of the posts. He will give his input on fitness classes I'm too afraid to try right now (ex. Crossfit) and just how satisfying certain restaurants are. He is notorious for eating out and coming home to cook again (or order pizza... we're working on that).

Finally, if you couldn't tell from the blog title, we live in Philadelphia. I have lived in Philly for nearly 7 years and continue to fall in love with it every day. I will try to focus on Philly through a lens of health and fitness, however I will definitely feature fun things around town that we go to.
I'm so excited to document this new chapter. Even if no one else reads this, I'll have a chronicle of my lifestyle change and the amazing opportunity to share this journey with my boyfriend.

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