Unroll.Me Review

I figured this product deserved a test run before sharing. After passing with flying colors, I can whole-heartedly scream from the mountain tops... USE THIS PROGRAM! Unroll.me has been nothing short of a god send. When I started running the program, I thought it would find that I have about 20 or so subscriptions. I had over 200!! Cue deleting 75% of all email subscriptions and filtering the rest into one simple, sleek email per day. My inbox has never been so happy or empty!

The program is extremely user friendly. You simply select whether you want a certain email to stay in your inbox, be added to your "roll up", or be unsubscribed. It only took me about 5 minutes to get all 200+ of my emails organized. Not too shabby.

Here's a screen shot of the email I received today. You can see that each email subscription has a little blurb that I can click on to access the full email. Brilliant. You can also chose to have the emails organized in a list form.

The program works flawlessly, however I have a few suggestions for it to work even better. I'd love to be able to add multiple email accounts to my unroll.me account. For example, I get my school email automatically forwarded to my gmail. Under the current system, I must to have two unroll.me accounts (and thus two emails) to filter both email accounts. I'd also like a way to organize and label the emails, so that school-related, shopping, bar association, etc. emails are all near similar emails in the unroll.me blast. 
Sign up and thank me later.


Logo via unroll.me

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