Cheap Winter Workouts: Sweat from Home

Like most people, winter is the death of my physique. Rich food + cold weather = a few extra pounds. I try to get to my school's gym when I can, but it normally just doesn't fit into my schedule. I honestly don't have the income to pay for a gym closer to home or for fun classes like Barre Method. In warmer weather, I can just throw on sneaks and run out the door. However, in the winter, you'd have to pay me large sums of money to do that. My remaining option? Workout at home. It required some furniture arranging, but I actually really liked working out at home. I could throw my "gym" clothes right into the hamper after my workout and was just steps from my own clean shower. Here are some of the free or low cost fitness options I found around the web to keep you sweating through winter! Most of them have enough trials so that could get you to spring alone!

Fitness DVDs: OK, so there is a little bit of a sad girl at home stigma to fitness DVDs, but I don't really care. I recently splurged a whopping $7 for a Jillian Michael's DVD: 6 Week Six Pack. No judging! Spring break is coming up and that woman can make you sweat!

Pinterest! Create a board with workouts found around the web. There are a ton of interval training ideas on Pinterest. I have a good collection on my board.

Apps: Download one and in about 30 seconds you can be working out! Technology is amazing. I gave a pretty detailed list of my favorite fitness apps here.

Online Streaming: there are an incredible amount of options. Here's a quick breakdown of some of the most promising looking options:

Physique 57

  • Cult following barre class
  • Pay per class (around $5) or monthly
  • Expensive for at-home workout but tiny fraction of actual cost of the real classes


  • Large variety of class options, like the physical Crunch gyms
  • Cost: $9.99/month 
  • Free 30 day trial

Daily Burn

  • Over 100 workouts from expert trainers
  • Cost: $10/month
  • 30 day free trial

Lionsgate BeFit

  • Simply a youtube channel with fitness videos
  • Cost: FREE

Gaiam TV

  • Lots of yoga!
  • Also has inspirational videos
  • Cost: $10 month
  • Free 10 day trial

Daily HIIT

  • High intensity workouts are incredibly popular 
  • Unfortunately, they may require some equipment
  • FREE

Yoga Glo

  • Over 2000 yoga classes
  • Cost: $18/month 
  • Free 15 day trial

Pilates Anytime

  • May need equipment
  • Cost: $18/month
  • Free 15 day trial



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