Yay or Nay: Day2Night

So I originally came across Day2Night in a Buzzfeed article that listed the top 13497845 things every woman needs in order to survive/find a man/look like a Victoria's Secret model etc. etc. etc. Day2Night sells products that you can wear from the office to the bar, without looking like a hooker at work or like you just came from court at happy hour. I honestly don't know how I feel about the products. I understand their extremely practical benefits... but at what cost? I remember having pants that zipped off to capris, then shorts, in middle school. I'm quite sure those cost me all of my friends.
This skirt has the possibility of being worn at 4 different lengths ranging from office appropriate pencil skirt to an itty bitty mini. At $98, it's rings in right around what a standard pencil skirt will cost you at J.Crew or Banana Republic. The removable sections look like pleats, so the overall design is actually quite aesthetically pleasing. 
These shoes are originally sold with two heel heights: low (3/4") and high (3 3/4"). Additional heel heights are available for purchase. At $168, these bad boys are definitely at the pricey end. You could buy Cole Haan heels with Nike technology for less than these. I don't know just how comfortable or stable these heels are to justify the splurge. I fear stepping on a crack in the sidewalk and having the heel getting lodged and popping right off.

Between the two, I have to say the heels are something I'd be more likely to wear. The skirt just reminds me too much of my awkward zip-off pant days. I like the idea of being able to wear flats during my commute and just snapping on heels when I get to the office. That's so much easier than packing a whole second pair of shoes that eat up (and smell up) your purse. For both, I can see the value for someone who travels frequently for business. It would be so convenient just to pack one skirt and one shoe that will cover nearly all social situations.

What do you think? Function over... I don't know... dignity? Has anyone bought these?


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