Essentials: What to Put in My Work Bag?

From Top to Bottom:
1. Band-Aids $0.79
 For when you are so excited to wear your new heels that you didn't have time to break them in.

2. Clinique Chubby Stick in Woppin Watermelon $16
This is my everyday lip color. When it comes to my work make up, I like to keep things low key and low maintenance. The only color I wear on my face is a lipstick in either pink or red. For the perfect red lipsticks check out this post.

3. Leatherology Business Card Holder $21. (Monogrammable for an additional $10)
No professional woman, should leave the house without her business cards. You never know when a networking opportunity may arise. Keep your cards in tiptop shape with a card holder.

4. DayMinder Weekly Planner $6.99
I may be a little old school with this one, but my planner keeps me sane. There is something about writing down my schedule and tasks that keeps me organized better than recording everything on my phone. Now, I'm not hawking any planner over another. My planner is easily one of my most important purchases each year. I obsess over page layout, binding, tabbing and whiteness and glossiness of pages. It may be a problem, but there are worse vices, right?

5. Apple iPhone starting from $199
Bless your heart if you can leave the house with out a cellphone. If you have a work issued phone, don't forget that either! Also, make sure you keep your personal use to your personal phone!

6. Camelbak Reusable Water Bottle $25
For one, these sure beat using the paper cups at the water cooler. I love Camelbak bottles because they NEVER leak and are dishwasher safe.

7. OBEY Key Chain $18
I like keeping my keys on a chain I can hook to the inside of my bag for easy access. Without it, my keys always end up in some dark hidden corner of my bag. Few things bother me more than struggling to find my keys when I'm standing at my front door after a long day at work or school.

8. Kate Spade Classic Sunglasses $128
For sunglasses that your coworkers may see, stick to classic metal and plastic frames in either black or tortoise shell. As far as shape, stick to a style that suits your face shape. Avoid anything too trendy like jewels, cat-eye shape, or massive logos on the sides.

9. Vera Bradley Small Cosmetic Bag in Indigo Pop $22
This little guy is my catch all. I keep my lipgloss, pens, Post-It notes, and sticky flags in here to prevent them from getting lost in my bag.

10. Apple iPad Mini starting at $329
This can be whatever you do your work on: a computer, tablet, or legal pad. Just make sure your case is office appropriate by avoiding crazy colors or patterns.

11. Kate Spade Cobble Hill Lacey Wallet, on sale for $139!
If there is one thing that I pick in a funky color, it's my wallet. It goes with me everywhere and frankly a brightly colored wallet is easier to find! My current wallet is kelly green, but I'm really liking this orange one from Kate Spade. It reminds me of Hermes orange without the Hermes price! I like this wallet because I prefer wallets with zipper closures that way I know nothing important could fall out.

12. Tory Burch Saffiano Tote $550
This is a great classic black leather tote that is big enough to hold your laptop and your everyday necessities at 16 inches long and 5 inches deep. I also appreciate that the logo isn't in your face.

Honorable Mentions:
  • Umbrella: because wet dog isn't an appropriate office look.
  • An extra pair of tights: because when you don't have them you absolutely need them. 
  • Phone charger: for when you forgot to charge it the night before or when you're working overtime.
Is there anything you refuse to leave the house without?

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