Working for the Weekend 11.24.13

BRRRRrrrr... welcome to week 2 of WFTW! 

OK Mother Nature, I can take a hint, it's late November. This morning when I checked my phone and saw that the temperature was a balmy 27 degrees, I nearly resigned myself to staying in bed all day. However, the BF wanted brunch and who am I to stand between a grown man and his food. Today we went to Kanella, a Greek restaurant I've been meaning to try for years. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed. You can read my full review of our brunch experience here.

The BF and I had a few other another dining "firsts" this week.  we went tried Ethiopian food for the first time at Gojjo with several of my friends from high school. We shared a combination platter which included doro wot (chicken stew), yebeg wot (lamb stew), and alitcha (mild lamb stew). The platter was the perfect size for 2 people and I would definitely recommend it for any other newbies to Ethiopian food. The real winner for me was the chicken stew. The chicken was so tender and juicy. The only item I wasn't too keen on was the injera, which is a flat pancake like bread used to pick up the food. It had a strange after taste that kept on building as I ate it. Also, really cheap craft beer specials. We split a pitcher of an IPA which was a whopping $12. We definitely want to try this place again, probably for take out, and just eat it with regular pita. Is that cheating?

We also found a new middle eastern restaurant which we loved! Aya's Cafe is an unassuming BYOB restaurant in an area of town I rarely venture... that dead zone between between Market St. and the Ben Franklin Parkway. The food came in great sized portions and were wonderfully flavorful. The leftovers were even better! You can read my full review of Aya's Cafe here.

Flyers Game
On Tuesday I went to my first Flyers game of the season. My dad surprised me with row 1 box seats!! And he wonders where I get my expensive taste from.....  However, the best part was (of course) hanging out with my dad for a few hours. He isn't really one to talk on the phone but we can talk forever in person! Bonus: the Flyers won!!! I have such bad luck with watching games in person, I'd say 9 times out of 10 the Philadelphia team loses when I go. I'm surprised anyone even invites me to games anymore! I seem like I bring bad luck!

Barnes Foundation
My favorite "Ensemble" at the Barnes
Friday, several students, my professor from my Trusts and Estates class, and I toured the Barnes Foundation. We are studying charitable trusts in class and the Barnes Foundation has fascinating story including recent litigation regarding how to interpret a trust indenture. If you happen to like art more than charitable trusts, the Barnes is still for you ;-P. The Barnes is single-handedly my favorite "museum" in the world and let me tell you that I've been to a lot of museums in my short 23 years. (Note: I quoted museum because the foundation is actually chartered as an educational institution and, yes, there is a difference.) If you are from Philly and have never been... shame on you! Go! If you aren't, put it at the top of your list of places to go to when visiting Philadelphia! I could go on and on about my love for the Barnes and maybe one day I will.



Header: Original Image by BRUNO BARBEYNew York City. Central Park. 1967
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