Monday Motivation

Ok, so I'm a little late posting this, but I'm telling myself it's ok because this post doesn't just apply to Mondays. I've been feeling bleh. The thing is, I know exactly why: I'm not taking care of myself. I eat out way too often with the BF and take advantage of free lunch (aka pizza) at the law school more than I'd care to admit. I've put on about 3 pounds this semester, but when you think about it, that would take about a month of working out and eating right to shed. The.weight.stops.here.

I've always been pretty thin, if not extraordinarily thin, due to fantastic metabolism and genetics. Amazing as they may be, they are not capable of keeping up with my current horrendous eating habits. I look at myself in the mirror and don't like what I see.... or rather don't see. I don't see my washboard stomach. I don't see the same definition in my face. However, I do see a bit of a muffin top. Excuse me?! Where did you come from!? The week before thanksgiving may not be the best time to declare a lifestyle overhaul, but enough is enough. AM workouts, here I come. Pizza..... one day a week? (It's a start!)

Working out has never been a strong suit of mine. In fact, I normally dread anything besides yoga. I think a lot of it stems back to my childhood of extreme clumsiness and physical restrictions. While my friends played soccer or softball, I was home with a book. I'm not, and may never be, one to go for distance runs or lifting weight. However, that doesn't mean I can't do ANYTHING. Seriously, anything would be better than what I'm doing. I'm seriously motivated by my BF who was in a similar position and kicked his butt into high gear last week and the ladies over at Tone It Up. Their free youtube videos are awesome!

Anyone else suffering from law school weight? How do you make time to workout and prepare healthy meals?


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