It's the time again! FRIDAY! To be honest, I'm done class on Wednesdays so today is really... Saturday part 2? Finals, holidays, and binge eating lie ahead. Here are my top picks for this weekend!

1. Shop
Dumbfounded by all the holiday shopping ahead? Look no further than To and From Magazine. This might be the most complete gift guide I've ever found on the web. It's broken down by who you're shopping for and best of all has a budget guide in the back!

2. Read

short story by Chuck Palahniuk in... you'll never guess... playboy. Really got me thinking, about gun legislation, the media, youth, technology, and family. You know, all the things people read Playboy for.

3. Eat

Thanksgivvukah is next week! It's a once in a lifetime opportunity for hybrid recipes. Challah-apple stuffing? SOLD.

4. Watch
Sit in a ball pit, make a new friend. At first, I thought this idea was novel, but isn't that how we learned to make friends... by being open, vulnerable, and a little silly? Either way, it's a heartwarming video about how literally anybody can be your next friend.

5. Follow
NPR started a fascinating Twitter account following the actions leading up to and aftermath of JFK's assassination. The tweets are if you are following a live news account. It's pretty awesome


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