I'm working on a more regular editorial calendar to really focus on what I want The Esquirette to be. A New regular feature will be "TGIF" where I'll share my top 5 picks of things that made me laugh, think, cook, dance, or bookmark over the past week. I hope you enjoy these links as much as I did!

1. Rest 
The Art of Rest: How to truly kick back and relax according to the ladies and gents over at Kinfolk Magazine. If you are unfamiliar with Kinfolk, it is essentially living the Anthrpologie life. Yeah, I'm all about that. No shame.
2. Read
Take Kinfolk's advice to heart and grab a book. Looking for a new book? Head on over to Go Book Yourself to find suggested books based on ones you love. I realize finals period is creeping up on many of us, but I still try to find time to read (for fun), whether its on the subway on my way to school or just winding down at night. Simply cutting myself off from my computer the hour before I go to bed freed up a LOT of reading time. Falling asleep like a baby, just an added bonus.
3. Honor
Just in time for Veteran's Day, there was a new statue erected to honor the service and sacrifice of female members of the Armed Services. This is the first statue to honor women in our military. All I have to say about that is "About damn time!"
4. Eat
Cranberry-Orange breakfast buns. Why? Because cranberry and orange together is like the grown up version of peanut butter and jelly. It's just that good. Just imagine waking up to these on Thanksgiving morning.
5. Laugh
Jim Gaffigan went on a rant against kale on Conan. Seriously, there is amazing PR company rep'ing kale and brussel sprouts and I want to know who it is. I mean these people are so good that they have us convinced that we should be drinking kale. DRINKING KALE. Just simmer on that thought this weekend. Also, featured in the rant: Milk. Not to be missed.



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