Motivation Monday


After listening David Foster Wallace's commencement speech from 2005  (beautifully dramatized in the video below) I was inspired to rethink the way I think.  Today, I totally had this moment in line at WholeFoods where all I could focus on was how I seemed to be in the world's slowest moving line. After I paid, the cashier told me with an exhausted grin "only 15 more minutes." He had a never ending line for his whole shift. Granted he was paid to be the cashier but I made me reflect on the fact that this was just 10 minutes of my life. 10 minutes where I could have been thinking about what to write here, responding to emails, shooting my sister a text. But I didn't. I was clocking the people in lines around me. For absolutely no reason. 

I guess this quote from Honest Abe above is a bit like looking at the glass half full but taking it a step further... Loving every drop you have and being thankful for the glass. 
The only way to change your circumstances is to change yourself. And the only way to change yourself, is to change the way you think and react to your world. 
So I guess, next time I'm in line at the grocery store, I'll be thankful that I can just walk down the street and have delicious food at my finger tips and only have to wait 10 minutes to share it with some of my closest friends.

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