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My law school literally has a gym across the street from it and yet I can't find the motivation to j-walk all the way there. I'm better in the spring and fall, but there is something about going to the gym in the winter that is just too difficult to do. I think a lot of it stems from the need to shower AND blow dry my hair there before carrying on with my day. I don't blow dry my hair EVER, so the thought of working out and breaking out the blowdryer is simply unfathomable. However, my crockpot and I have a great relationship that needs to be countered with some exercise!  As they say, summer bodies are made in winter! That's where my phone comes in! Here are my go-to apps to stay in shape without setting foot into the gym:

Nike Training Club
This was the first fitness app I downloaded when I got my iPhone and it is still my favorite. I love the HUGE amount of workouts ranging from 15 minutes to an hour. This app allows you to earn points for every minute you work out. When you reach certain levels of points, you can earn new workouts from famous athletes like Shawn Johnson! This app makes me sweat like I'm in a spinning class and the next day I can really feel it. Those are the signs to a great workout in my opinion. Oh did I mention it's FREE?!

I was shocked how many calories I ate somedays but thanks to this app I have been making smarter grocery store purchases and learned a lot about my eating habits. I learned that juices were taking up a large part of my daily calorie intake. By simply replacing juices with more water, I have room in my diet for that mid-afternoon snack! I also love how I can keep track of my workouts and how many calories they burn. One trend I noticed was that on days where I worked out, I wasn't eating enough. So now I pack a post gym granola bar or fruit so I don't crash later in the day.

5K Runner
I'm not a runner. Never have been. However, with this app I have hope that I could be. 5K Runner breaks down exactly how to build up your stamina for longer runs. I love how you can play your own music through the app and the running coach tells you exactly when to walk, jog, and run so you don't have to have your eyes on your phone the whole time. I'm hoping to run a 5K in the spring in Philadelphia. Anyone want to join?

GymPact & RunKeeper
The GymPact app allows you to earn money by sticking to your work out goals! Sounds great! What's the catch? If you flop on your goals, you have to pay up! GymPact partners with RunKeeper, a great app which uses GPS technology to track your runs, walks, and bike rides. The partnership of the two apps is fantastic if you don't want to pay for a gym membership but you want to have some accountability for your workouts.

Pocket Yoga (2.99)
There is simply no comparison to doing yoga in a studio with live instructors to correct your form. However, this app is a close second and at $2.99 it is easy on the wallet. Yoga studios can be so pricey that their cost gnaws away at my zen. Plus, in the spirit of a heart-healthy month, yoga has been linked to reduce the occurrence of some arrhythmias!

Fitocracy (Free)
This is by far the most motivating app of the bunch. You can track your activities to earn points and reach new levels. I love how social this app is in comparison to some of the others. You can join groups to meet people with similar fitness goals, follow your friends, and leave words of encouragement. You can also link this app to RunKeeper. Follow me at bonjohn!

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