Sale Alert! Surprise Kate Spade Sale!

Kate Spade just announced a surprise 48 hour sale with prices marked down as much as 75%! Kate is my number one girl. So much, that I like to think we are on a first name basis. Kate's products are polished and feminine and perfect for brunch, the office, or a night out. Here are my top picks from the sale:

1. Nylon Darya $129

I'm a big fan of nylon bags. Right now I use the Longchamp Le Pliage bag but this bag looks so much nicer! The chain accent on the straps and the ability to make it a cross-body bag make the Darya a little something special.

2. Wellesley Tanner Laptop Bag $149

There comes a point in every girl's life where she can't roll into the office or court with her backpack. This bag is the solution.

3. 2013 Desk Top Calendar $19

It you can wait a few weeks after New Years, late January and early February are the best times to buy calendars and planners. This guy is adorable with different prints for each month.

4.  Live Colorfully Small Henrietta Bag $29

This bag would be perfect to hold all the little do-dads in your bag so they don't get lost in the bottom. Currently, mine holds pens, highlighters, bobby pins, lip gloss, and post-it notes. You can't tell that I'm a law student, can you?

5. Sea Glass Earrings $25

As a Delta Zeta, these earrings are a must-have. (Our mascot is the turtle!) From a distance these would look like simple gold earrings, so the judge never has to know. (Unless she's a DZ!) Working in a conservative career, doesn't leave too much room to express your own style. Little kitschy jewelry like these earrings are a safe way to wear something special without drawing unwanted attention.

6. Hailey Flat $99

These color-blocked flats can go with anything and everything. Jeans, suit pants, skirts, you name it, these flats work.

All images via Katespade.com

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