Healthy Eats: Roots Cafe

Last night, we went out to eat with another couple in West Chester, Pennsylvania. West Chester, is known as college-town due to its eponymous university. Having never been to West Chest before, I was delighted by the charming downtown area that seemed to blossom out of nowhere. Upon the suggestion of the other couple, we dined at a charming BYOB café called Roots

Roots serves up unique dishes which are created from local, organic, and sustainable ingredients. Want proof? They have a whole wall dedicated to the farms that supply all the ingredients on any given day. Let me just tell you that they know what they are doing with those ingredients.

We began the meal with a cheese plate made of goats milk cheese, aged gouda, and a cow's milk cheese similar to parmesan. All were delicious and even more so with the accompanied candied walnuts, honey, and blueberry compote. Only complaint: more bread please! It was so delicious but we only had four pieces for four people. For my entrée, I had spicy butternut squash curry with vegetables over quinoa with a side of sautéed vegetables. Luscious. The portion was tremendous and the flavors were rich. Leftovers will make a wonderful lunch tomorrow! The men both ordered gnocchi with venison meatballs. This dish was also quite large and was very rich, so much so that the men could barely finish! The other woman in our group got chicken which looked super juicy and came with sweet potatoes. Needless to say, everybody was happy with their meal, and the wonderful staff made sure of it.

To top it all off, the charm of Roots was undeniable. Stable doors separate the entry from the main dining room and art from local artists cover the walls. We drank water out of mason jars and dined on aged wood tables. Despite all the charm, it didn't feel forced or out-of-place. I would definitely recommend Roots! To my fellow city-dwellers, it is 100% worth the trip out of the city.

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