The 10 Commandments of Coffee Shop Etiquette

It's that time of the semester. Finals. It seems like every student has their spot. Be it in an isolated carrel in the quiet section of the library, at home in bed, or at a coffee shop, most of my peers can't get in the studying zone without being in their spot. For me, that spot is a corner table in the back of a coffee shop with a window view and OUTLETS! As much as I love/need/survive on my coffee shop studying, other patrons can be a pain. So in the spirit of passover I've created the 10 Commandments of Coffee Shop Etiquette.

  1. Thou shall buy something. Common sense. Somebody has to pay for the "free" wifi. Also, if you're going to be there all day. Probably should buy more than one cuppa joe.
  2. Thou shall tip the barista. Every time. Even if it's just the change.
  3. Thou shall not use an obscene amount of outlets. Obscene means more than one. If necessary, bring a power strip. 
  4. Thou shall use the smallest table possible. By yourself? Don't take up a table for four. On a similar note, you get one seat. Put your bag on the floor.
  5. Thou shall clean up your mess. Bus your table when you leave. It's not that hard and keeps the baristas doing their job.
  6. Thou shall talk in an "inside voice." This one depends on the culture of the coffee shop but in general: Group studying is fine, just don't have a party. Probably should keep it to no larger than four people. Conference call? Depends on the length, but you should probably should take it outside. 
  7. Thou shall use headphones. No exceptions. Plus, it's really awkward for other patrons ask you to cut the crap.
  8. Thou shall not bring in outside food and beverages. Lunch break? Leave.
  9. Thou shall not hog the bandwidth. Downloading large files and streaming? Probably should do it elsewhere.
  10. Keep to yourself. Just because someone doesn't have earphones in doesn't mean they want to talk to you.
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