Monday Motivation

I am a procrastinator. Lord, I may be the queen of procrastinators. However, when November comes around, I know it is time to abscond the procrastination throne and put the pedal to the metal. Carpe Diem. Seizing not only the day, but the hour and the minute is critical to survive finals season in law school. Property isn't going to outline itself in some imaginary alternate universe while I blissfully watch Orange is the New Black. (again)

I'm working on eliminating my "someday" mentality outside of law school, but sometimes it can be so hard. Law school is always there and there is ALWAYS something I could be doing related to it. Outlines! Flash Cards! E&E's! Oh my! I swear I have a bag of clothes sitting in my apartment for months just waiting to get donated and Comcast is probably going to want its box back at some point. "BUT I HAVE 200 PAGES OF READING FOR MONDAY!" It seemly never ends. The best I can do is to organize my time. I know that 9-5 is school time... class or not, Monday - Saturday. After 5 pm and Sundays are "me time." Blog, paint my nails, finally do dishes, fail doing my laundry, food shop, etc. By segregating my "school time" from "me time," each time gets to have my full, undivided attention which is honestly the best I think anyone can do.

Best of luck on your finals prep! Stay sane out there!



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