Ms. JD meets The Esquirette

On Thursday, I had the amazing opportunity to go to the Ms. JD "Speed Mentoring" event in Philadelphia. The line up of women participating in the event was incredibly impressive so I knew I could not miss it! I could never do justice to the accomplishments of these women, so click on their name for their full bio.  The mentors included Debbie Epstein HenryRoberta Liebenberg, the Honorable Petrese B. Tucker and Ronda Goldfein

Roberta Liebenberg practices complex commercial litigation and has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in a field overwhelmingly dominated by men. She just got a 1.2 BILLION dollar jury verdict in an anti-trust matter she worked on for NINE years

Judge Tucker serves on the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. She is the only African-American woman on that court and really spoke to the importance of having personal support to advance in your profession. 

Debbie Epstein Henry is founder of Flextime Lawyers LLC and absolute guru when it comes to women's issues in the legal profession and finding a work life balance. I highly recommend reading her articles, they are a major inspiration for my blog! If you're going to read just one, check this one out.

Unfortunately, I was unable to meet Ronda Goldfein, she is the executive director of the AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania and a public interest pro. 

Each woman was an absolute inspiration. They had unique stories of how they earned their success but a unifying theme was that they all did it as women. They all had multiple children, a professional spouse, and a glass ceiling above their head. Each woman expressed her desire to see continued growth of women in the legal profession and looks to our generation as an opportunity for change. Here is some of the advice they shared with us:
 Who is a professional inspiration for you? Do you have any guiding principles?

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