Spring Cleaning

I don't know where this semester came from but it has me running around like a crazy person. I thought my class load was going to lighter this semester but I constantly feel like I don't have control over my time. If it's any consolation, I love my classes and I feel like I have finally found my calling in law. You know what they say:
1L year they scare you to death
2L year they work you to death
3L year they bore you to death
However, I must admit, that it hasn't just been school keeping me busy. I have attended several networking events, visited family, and I may have even celebrated a birthday in that time. Either way, unfortunately, this blog has been put to the wayside for the past few weeks. I miss it. I need to get back into my groove and find that balance again. I have so many thoughts to share and increasingly it feels like I don't have the time to do so. It's time for a spring clean up. I need to shed the excess, the wasteful, and the inefficient areas of my life. I need to streamline. I look forward to donating clothes, shedding a few pounds, spending more time with books and less time with Facebook, and putting out the effort for people who make me feel amazing.

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