Internal Memo: Week in Review (2/3 - 2/9

This Week's Article Picks:

  1. Words you are probably mispronouncing. A must check. [TheWeek.com]
  2. When the weather outside is frightful.... your Hunter boots start looking funky. Here's how to fix that: [alilknowhow.com]
  3. A old blog is revitalized. Don't miss out on posts from hiringpartneradvice.blogspot.com, a blog by a hiring partner who moved from big law to a small law firm. 
  4. Lady Gaga: singer, pianist, worst person to depose EVER. [nypost.com]
  5. The Careerist reminds us that women's role in the workplace hasn't changed much in the last 60 years. Shocker. 
  6. Word to the wise: don't flip off a judge. It's not going to be pretty. [huffingtonpost.com]
  7. Judge says that criminal defendant has a right to blog. [WSJ]

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