Internal Memo: Week in Review (1/27 - 2/2)

This Week's Article Picks:

  1. Law school applications are about to hit a 30 year low. Gotta love supply and demand. [ABA Journal]
  2. An incredibly frustrating article from Philly Mag about how men are immature and professional women should adjust to satisfy them.
  3. The NY Times is at it again, discussing it's favorite subject: how much law school sucks. Job outlook for "big firm" bound students is still weak, but small and mid-size firms are doing well. My two cents: don't use law school as a three-year deferral to find a job. It's way to expensive. But if you want to be a lawyer, hustle and realize that your first job out may not be your dream job.
  4. Philadelphia Inquirer featured an awesome course offered at my law school: Improvisation for Lawyers. I'm hoping that when I have registration preference as a 3L, I can get into this class! 
  5. The WSJ featured a new workout that is done is heels. Miserable. One thing I love about the gym is the ability to wear my most comfortable shoes: sneakers. If if want to get a work out in heels, I'll go to a club.
  6. Breaking Bad + Law Student = 4 year sentence. Very sad story about how someone who nearly had it all, lost it through addiction. [Above the Law]

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