Monday Motivation: Presidential Pep Talk

I don't know about you, but Mondays are brutal for me. Rainy, sleeting, freezing Mondays.... well let's just say it took every ounce of motivation for me to get out of bed. Then a friend sent me this video and I couldn't resist sharing it with you all. It's a shame this little man isn't 35 because I'd vote for him! Who could resist a President who finds inspiration in Robert Frost, Journey, AND Space Jam?! This little guy would push our nation to be better because "boring is easy." I wish Congress would reflect on his question:"If life is a game, are we on the same team?" And "if we are all on the same team, let's start acting like it! We got work to do!"

I also love how he promotes dancing to forget about our troubles. "We can cry about it or we can dance about it." Let's face it, dancing is so much better. How can you not smile and forget about your problems when getting your groove on? Pass your good mood on! "It's everybody's duty to give the world a reason to dance." Today, a young man warned me of an ice-y sidewalk ahead. While, it didn't make me dance, the fact that he needlessly warned a stranger warmed my heart in the same way that busting out a move does.  

The ending was a special touch. He dedicated to this video to a young girl "Gabbi," fighting cancer like a boss. So I'll dedicate this post to my Grandmother, who is also fighting (and beating) cancer like a BOSS. 

Check it out and pass it on.

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