Mind Your Manners: Personal Note

It's that time of year where the hearts of many swell with holiday cheer. Personally, gift giving is limited to my close family and friends. However, I find that there are many other people who have made my year better and brighter but giving them a gift would be inappropriate. Writing these people a personal note can serve triple duty to express your gratitude for their presence in your life, maintain a professional relationship, and wish them well for the holidays.

Your professional network is in need of constant maintenance. Sending a personal note around the holidays is an easy and thoughtful way to hold on to those relationships.  If you see the person you are writing to at work or school, feel free to leave the note in their mailbox or with their secretary. Otherwise, mail it to the address provided on their business card. (Nota Bene: Make sure you use professional stamps and return address labels!) Plus, sending notes is a great excuse to indulge in stationery! (A personal weakness of mine.)

Here are some of my favorites for professional notes:

1. Chelsey Emery via Etsy

2. Jubilee Design Studio via Etsy

3. Faux Bois Embossed Stationery via Paper Source

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