Studying Essentials

Finals week is upon many of us in the law school world. It seems like the world stops and only E&E's exist. It's so incredibly easy to let yourself go both physically, mentally, and emotionally. I feel like I'm constantly reminding myself to put down the books and eat, get some fresh air, and exercise a bit to counteract all the sitting in the library. Here are some of the things I couldn't do without during my exam period:

Do what you need to do to kick ass. Blast some music. or block out the world with ear plugs. 

I don't drink caffeine. Period. So to keep me going during my studying, I always have a full water bottle. I'm partial to my Lexis Camelbak because it's 1,000,000% spill proo.

Power Up
While I'm studying I want to eat food that won't weigh me down, tire me out, or give me a sugar rush. Granola bars are the perfect balance of sweet and savory to keep me going between meals. I'm a huge fan of Cliff and Kashi brands.

Low Maintenance

This is the time to go uber low maintenance and ditch the make-up and blowdryers. Throw your hair in a pony tail and/or throw on a hat for the  sporty but really "I've completely given" up look.

I refuse to wear sweat pants to school. REFUSE. So to stay comfy all day in the library I just sport my gym clothes. It looks cuter and I don't have to pack an extra gym bag!

Good luck & see you on the flip side!

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