Summer Series: Bare It All?

One day of above-60 degree weather and I'm ready to go to the beach! Despite all the fun that comes with the summer months, warming weather can lead to many a professional wardrobe faux pas. The first dilemma I want to address on this series on appropriate summer work attire is the use of pantyhose. Who doesn't love the little nip and tuck pantyhose gives you? In the winter, they can be a great excuse to slack on shaving. In the summer, however, they are just a royal pain. It's hot. They cling. Your feet sweat. It's just no fun. However, we have signed up for one of the few careers that encourage, no, require, sporting pantyhose year-round. Here are some do's and don'ts to wearing pantyhose in the summer:

  • DO err on the conservative (pantyhose) side. First summer working at a job? Take your cue from the more senior women in the company before going bare.
  • DO always wear pantyhose for interviews and court appearances.
  • DO know the culture of the city you work in. Total difference between Boston and Miami.
  • DO wear the correct size. Nothing like feeling like a stuffed sausage in August heat.
  • DO wear cotton underwear. Yeast infections are no fun.
  • DON'T wear pantyhose with open-toed shoes. EVER. Open-toed shoes will be discussed in a later post.
  • DON'T be caught without a spare pair. You never know when you might get a run.
  • DON'T forget to lotion, lotion, lotion, shave, and lotion if you aren't wearing tights.

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