Internal Memo: Week in Review (12/30 - 1/5)

Noteworthy Happenings and Articles This Week:

  1. A very controversial NYTimes article calling for America to scrap the Constitution. 
  2. Legendary Constitutional scholar Erwin Chemerinsky lists what to look forward to in 2013 from the Supreme Court. [ABA Journal]
  3. The Grindstone gives must-read tips for job hunters on having a professional social media presence.
  4. City of Athens v. Socrates (7th Cir. 2013) to be heard before Judge Posner at the end of the month. [ABA Journal]
  5. Forget casual Fridays, the WSJ enlightens us on how the other half (techies in Silicon Valley) celebrate the end of the work week. Pinkies up!
  6. Bomb an interview? You may still have hope at landing the job! [The Grindstone]
  7. CLE ALERT: How to put your new iPad to use at work. [American Bar Assoc.]

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