Internal Memo: Week in Review (1/20 - 1/26)

This Week's Article Picks:

  1. "Valor knows no gender." This week the Pentagon announced that women will officially be permitted in combat roles in the U.S. military. [NBC News]
  2. The WSJ reported on the "juicing" craze sweeping across the country. As a busy gal, I can appreciate just how hard it is to eat all the recommended servings of vegetables. Plus, I already got my first taste of a green juice this week and I kind of want more! 
  3. The Atlantic discussed whether or not signing emails with an "XO" is office appropriate. Consensus: unless your Oprah or Diane Sawyer.... ABSOLUTELY NOT.
  4. According to The Economist, America is #1 in something new: the number of times law-enforcement agencies asked Google to relinquish data on private citizens. Comforting right? At least you can sleep easy knowing that without probable cause your Gchat data is safe.

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