Body Talk: Mean Business

As Gen-Y'ers, it's easy to forget that there are mode of communication beyond our iPhones. However, in the workplace, it is critical to be aware of the most subliminal body movements because, as they say, "actions speak louder than words." You may be presenting a strong idea but does your body language match? Honing in on your body language will enable you to harmonize your words, ideas, and goals with what your body is saying to others creating a stronger overall message. Besides putting away your gadgets, here are my top tips for effectively using your body at work:

1. Uncross your arms.
This is a naturally defensive position. To appear calm and open minded, loosen up. The same goes for crossing your legs while standing. 

2. Mirroring.
When you really hit it off with someone, you subconsciously mirror their movements. I you are subtly trying to bond with someone, perhaps in a negotiation, mimic some of their movements. For example, if they place their right hand on the table, you would do the same. Use this tip cautiously, this should be anything but obvious.

3. Bulk up.
You don't have to hit up the gym, just consciously take up more space. To exude confidence, stand with your feet shoulder width apart or sit with you arms on the arm rests.

4. Don't be a bobble head.
Women typically nod to show that they are listening to, empathizing with, or encouraging the speaker. However, men typically nod to show agreement. This constant nodding expresses encouragement, but not power or authority. The same goes for head tilts. Reserve both movements to show agreement. The most powerful position is a neutral head and neck alignment.

5.  Position Your Torso.
The angle at which you face others reveals our attitude towards them. We tend to angle towards people we find friendly, attractive, and interesting. We tend to angle or lean away from those we don't. Try to angle towards others more often, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.



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