Another One Bites the Dust

I absolutely cannot wrap my mind around the fact that I've finished my second year of law school. That means only ONE more year left. I don't know if I'm more excited or nervous. One thing I'm 100% positive about is that I will miss law school. CRAZY! I know. I have made some absolutely amazing friends over the past two years. I've found that to be such a blessing because so many of my friends at other law schools cannot say the same. The law school process can knock you down. Over and over and over again. I know that I would never have kept my sanity with out the fab 6, my orientation buddies, networking partners in crime.
Today is my law school's graduation and to be completely honest I cried when I saw the pictures of the 3Ls in their cap and gowns. I didn't cry at my high school or college graduation but I was in tears just thinking about leaving this part of my life behind. It's crazy to think that's going to me and my friends in just one year walking across the stage. Moving on. Growing up. Hopefully never drifting too far apart. 
I know that our careers will keep up busy and pull us to different parts of the country. We'll get married and have kids one day and we won't have the easiness of just walking into the library and seeing a hundred friendly faces.  

2L year was definitely better than 1L. I got to pick classes that interested me, I got to go to the Supreme Court, I learned a lot about myself, I lived with a cat, I dated, I dumped, I got my dream internship, I sang karaoke for the first time, I donated 8 inches of hair to locks of love, I stood up for myself, and I worked hard for everything I earned. Here are some of my favorite moments with my classmates from my 2L year:
theesquirette's Endof2L album on Photobucket

The semester ended two weeks ago today and I miss so many of these guys! I can't wait for 3L year to start! I can't wait to hustle to find my first REAL job. You know, one with benefits and a salary. I can't wait to go to  two cities I've never been to before, San Francisco and Chicago, for ABA conferences. I CANNOT wait to cherish every last moment of being with my amazingly smart, talented, hilarious, driven, and beautiful classmates. 

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