Office Obsession: Russell and Hazel

Sitting in the library all the time makes me dream of the day when I will have my own beautiful office without noisy 1Ls and librarians. My fantasy office would undoubtedly be outfitted in Russel and Hazel products. R & H's products are extremely functional for the workplace, but have a feminine touch. Best of all, none of the products are overly cutesy and would make someone question my professionalism. The perfect balance! Here are some of my favorite Russel and Hazel products:

From top to bottom:
1. Ten Binder Set $350
I honestly have no idea why these are so expensive but the gold foil stamped roman numerals make this too good not to include.

2. Acrylic Collator $44
I love acrylic pieces for desks because they don't add bulk to the desk surface.

3. Mini Smart Date Planner $68
This looks like the perfect planner with the ability to add and remove sections as needed. I can't wait until August so I can get the mid-year version!

4. Personalized Embosser $66
Ok, not a necessity, but I'm pretty sure I could find a purpose for this bad boy. Embossing a firm's letterhead onto envelopes would be a nice touch!

5. Acrylic Stapler $24
Let's face it, this stapler is a WHOLE lot prettier than those big black clunky monstrosities.

6. To-Do List Adhesive Notes $10
To go with my Smart Date Planner of course! Currently, I have Post-its for my weekly to do lists all over my planner. This looks a lot more streamlined and organized. I love the area to check things off!

7. Acrylic Tape Dispenser $24
Like the collator, this tape dispenser wouldn't add to the clutter of the desktop because of its transparency. It's sharp edges add to the ultra-streamlined look.

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