Internal Memo: Week In Review (12/23-12/29)

Noteworthy Happenings This Week

  1. The Perfect Black Tights for extending your suits through the cooler months [Refinery29]
  2. Wall Street Journal's Ten-Point Plan to get a promotion in 2013
  3. Law.com has compiled the legal highlights and low points of 2012 
  4. Applying to law school next year? U.S. News has a great timeline on how you should prepare for the LSAT and manage your application process
  5. visual.ly has an incredible infographic on social media in the legal profession breaking down how different social media outlets are being used by different sized firms and attorneys as individuals
  6. The American Dream may be fading for Gen Y professionals so we must hustle even harder [Bloomberg]
  7. Why Twitter matters to lawyers [kevin.lexblog.com]
  8. Wall Street Journal on how to look like a leader
  9. The four best practices for job seekers in 2013 [The Grindstone]
  10. Russell Brand's trippy yet brilliant advice on being the best version of yourself [Youtube]

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